3 Royal Events, 2 Locations, 1 Day

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A Little Bit About the Award Itself

The Award program is available to all youth who distinguish themselves by consistent commitment in Volunteer Service, Cognitive Skills, Physical Recreation, and an Outdoor Adventure. The program founded 60 years ago in 1956 by Prince Philip and has since expanded to 144 nations. The Award launched in Canada during 1964 and in Alberta during 1976. As of today over 500,000 Canadians have received this prestigious award.

 My Award Experience

I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity but not for the reason’s most would think. Most of the people I would tell about this event would ask “Were you really excited to meet the Prince?” No, because I am not a person captivated by celebrity, fame or royalty.  In reality he is just a person like you and me. What was remarkable was being able to witness his personality and genuine interest in each of the 150 award recipients and their journey to distinguish themselves. Being a member of the Royal Family and a public figure for his entire life I’m sure this was one of hundreds of ceremonies, presentations and gatherings he has attended over the years. The vibrancy and enthusiasm His Royal Highness brought to each interaction was a testament to the greatness of his personal character and it was a pleasure to be there to experience it.

With Thanks

The best way to sum it up is I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to spend the day with so many high achieving personalities. From the award recipients, their families, the Prince, the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, the Olympians, the Politicians, the news and media, the volunteers and my entire staff... there was an heir of greatness in the air.

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