7 Golden Rules of Google Grants

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I am continuously amazed when speaking with colleagues that most are still unaware of Google Grants… the nonprofit edition of AdWords that gives nonprofit organizations $10,000 per month in in-kind advertising.

Google AdWords can be an incredibly powerful advertising platform, especially when you have a $120,000 annual budget for it! I highly recommend you take the time to apply but be warned that more time and effort are required for a successful campaign. Here are my 7 golden rules.

1. Never Send Traffic to Your Home Page

This is a mistake that is a shockingly big waste of money. Assuming your website is more than just a one-pager dedicated to a single conversion action, you probably have specific pages for specific actions. Send your visitors as far down the conversion funnel as you possibly can.

2. Extensions are Your Friends

Google is constantly trying to improve the search experience. These imporvments include offering more information in ads. Whenever you get a chance you should try to include extensions in your ads. The whole purpose behind extensions is to make your ad more relevant and increase CTR.

3. Negative Keywords Aren’t Negative

Nobody likes paying for irrelevant clicks. Unless your entire account is exact match keywords, you need negative keywords. Negative keywords are the keywords you don’tw ant to pay for. You can add them at the ad group or campaign level.

4. At Least Log In to Your Account Once a Day

You don’t have to be constantly optimizing, but pick a time of day & get in your account for at least a few minutes every day. This will allow you to catch potential errors, notice trends, and avert crisis. People who set and forget their AdWords accounts often fail with them.

5. Your Ad SHould Always Have a Call to Action

Searchers shouldn’t have to think too hard. Make sure all of your Ad Copies have CTA directing your potential customers to the next step. They can be simple or complex, but they should always be specific.

6. Set ROI Goals

If you don’t have goals when you begin your AdWords journey, you will not get the most out of it. Not only are setting desired Return On Investments part of the bidding equation, but they will also guide the rest of your business. Using ROI goals can help you focus on specific categories over others, and will help you prioritize specific campaigns.

7. Test, Test, Test

You should be constantly testing ad copy, testing landing pages, testing bids. Every AdWords account is different. You should not build an account off of what you think is the best. If you do not have the necessary resources (time or financial) to test your account, considering bringing in outside help.

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