Instagram Your Annual Report

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Everyone dreads Annual Reports, so why do we continue to use traditional formats? The Calgary Zoo recently did something amazing and original with their Annual Report. They used Instagram to create a visual story of their past year.

If you haven’t seen it, check out Here are my thoughts on why this is an annual report format to consider.

  1. It’s socially interactive. People can leave comments, like the photos, and share with friends. The zoo’s staff can respond to comments in this interactive annual report. The report is no longer the zoo’s version of what happened but a combined collective story.
  2. It visually catches your attention. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. I wanted to read the stories and learn more with each picture.
  3. It saves money. Using social media tools effectively can result in significant cost savings. Use methods and channels that your audience wants you to communicate in.
  4. It went viral. This Annual Report didn’t require much publicity. They have successfully enhanced their image in the community.

Perhaps this is an idea that you use to tell your story. A lot happens in a year and an Annual Report in your yearly opportunity to remind people of the great things you have done and how much your donors and volunteers have helped you get there.

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