Professional Highlights

On Friday, June 24, 2016 I welcomed His Royal Highness, The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex to Calgary for three events.

With six weeks notice I started by setting my goals and objectives.  What did I want to achieve from this Royal visit?  Ultimately I decided on three goals:

  1. To raise money for the program.
  2. To raise awareness across Alberta.
  3. To re-engage with former alumni.

With that in mind I set out planning a VIP luncheon, Gold Awards Ceremony, and Youth Performance Reception for over a 1,000 guests.


The day was a huge success!


Raising the Money

Profiling the Program

Planning the Event

Candace’s professionalism, pro-active attitude and knowledge helped elevate our organization to a level that was previously unattainable. As a collaborative team member, Candace managed important project work, helped the Board build a solid organizational foundation (governance, admin, funding), and worked directly with our members and stakeholders from across Canada.

Tom White National President, Air Cadet League of Canada

Candace is an exceptionally talented professional with a keen eye for detail and measurable impact. She is also a kind, supportive and down-to-earth person with a practical approach to making great visions a reality. As I write this recommendation, I’m recalling with admiration the number of people in our network who also value her positive leadership and expertise. A true pleasure to work with.

Jessica Hazen National Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement, Duke of Edinburgh's Award Canada

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